Tank test facilities were only accessible by those organisations that could justify long, once-off design and build capital projects.


Many more teaching, research and engineering organisations in the rapidly expanding ocean research sector need ready access to tank test time.



But occasional access to centralised, high-end wave basin facilities is not adequate.


• Cost; with daily rates c.$3k only very limited test time is affordable.


• Practicality; transport and schedule difficulties make it difficult to access.


This is why OMEY Labs have developed a range of wave flume products to complement the high-end wave basins.


It makes sense to have a wave flume for..


• Speed; the pace of research and development increases with immediate and unlimited access to in-house tank facilities.


• Clarity; theoretical design speculation can be substantiated or eliminated early reducing time and investment wasted in dead-ends.


• Confidentiality; concepts are evaluated before exposing them to IPR risk.


• Coverage; with unlimited testing the broadest battery of tests can be performed.


• Cost; much of the doubt is removed before moving to costly high-end facilities.


• Confidence; tank demonstrations build confidence of funders.

Accurate for education and research.


Single design, continually refined.


Minimal floor space required.


Fabricated to high standards.


Convenient to move, assemble and dismantle.


Full length glass side, maximum visibility.


Extensible modular design.


Comprehensive range of accessories.


Durable and robust material.


Easy to use software.


Fast settle time, quick testing.