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As part of the teaching flume range of products, OMEY offers a wave maker to suit 1:300th scale teaching purposes.


The wave maker is a dry-back, hinged paddle type, actuated by a brushless servo linear actuator (Tritex). The hinged paddle is of rigid, but light, stainless steel construction. Being dry-back, the wave maker offers the option to explore topics such as hydrostatic pressure, added mass effects and force feedback control.


The wave maker is entirely controlled by computer code to generate regular or irregular waves according to the teaching demands. Uniquely, OMEY offers the option for customers to develop and modify their own wave generating code using any controller that generates a simple voltage signal, or select OMEY's wave maker control panel option.





Type; dry-back, hinged paddle.


Peak; 0.1m Hmax, 0.5sec Tmin


Dimensions; 400mm wide, 350mm stroke, 300mm deep.


Actuator; electrical linear planetary gear screw (Exclar Tritex)


Spectra; regular and irregular waves (e.g. Bretschneider, Pierson-Moskowitz) with OMEY's wave maker control panel.


Materials; stainless steel space frame paddle, rolling gusset


• Control; closed loop


Power; single phase 240v 13A or 110v


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