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Wave energy conversion and the effects of wave loading on structures is a vibrant area of study that requires a wide range of sea states to be accurately recreated in test tanks.


The ability to create a known wave climate in a tank environment repeatedly provides a wealth of insight when studying linear and non-linear interactions.  


To complement the tank product range OMEY offers a dry-back, hinged paddle wave maker module. Actuated by a high quality planetary gear lead screw actuator and assisted by pneumatic air springs, the wave maker is able to produce a wide range of wave conditions with high quality orbital particle motion.



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Type; dry-back, hinged paddle.


Peak; 0.2m Hmax, 0.5sec Tmin


Dimensions; 2.5m wide, 350mm stroke, 1.25m deep.


Actuator; electrical linear planetary gear screw (Exclar GSM40TM)


Spectra; regular and irregular waves (e.g. Bretschneider, Pierson-Moskowitz)


Hydrostatic; pneumatic air spring providing zero K.


Materials; stainless steel space frame paddle, rolling gusset


• Control; closed loop


Power; single phase 240v 13A or three phase 208v 16A


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