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For tidal current turbine and vessel testing, OMEY is developing a towing carriage that will run on OMEY's existing tank products.


Ten or more standard tank sections, two end caps and a towing carriage with drive creates a good test facility for hydrodymanic tests, such as resistance tests, wind and wall effects on ship models for students and industry.




Internal dimensions:       2.5m wide, 1.3m water depth, 20m long (or any length)

External dimenions:        3.2m wide, 1.7m high, 22m long

Carriage:                         100kg, with mounting

Wheel base:                    3m x 2.5m, wheels on laser adjusted rails

Speed range:                  0.05 to 1.75m/s

Acceleration:                  1m/s/s

Carriage Drive:               DC servo motor, wire traction, computer controlled repeatability

(optional) Wavemaker:   Dryback hinged paddle, Hmax = 0.36m Tp = 0.5 to 4sec

(optional) absorver:        Parabolic passive beach.



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