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The Department of Ocean Engineering (OCEN) at Texas A&M combines in-class engineering instruction and field-based instruction in addition to a large research portfolio. The Galveston campus, which offers unique field-testing facilities, had an existing in-house teaching flume. Its wave maker was a simple paddle on a crank generating monochromatic waves. They wanted to add the ability to demonstrate irregular wave so they contacted OMEY.


The existing teaching flume was also approaching end-of-life, having endured many years of experiment and repair. So, while evaluating OMEY’s range of teaching flume products, Texas A&M decided to procure a complete teaching flume package.


Texas A&M placed their order, and OMEY Labs Ltd shipped a complete teach flume in two crates by air freight. It took just one week to arrive in Galveston. The OCEN team had assembled the tank in a matter of days, following the documentation without needing the support offered by OMEY. Each module was sealed using the bolted flanges and solid silicone cord. No messy compounds were needed or time for seals cure.


Texas A&M were able to upgrade their teaching flume, although their budget and laboratory space was limited. Their lab now enables staff and students to run classes at 1:300th scale in regular, irregular and random wave conditions, with the option to experiment with recoding wave spectra.


Masoud Hayatdavoodi, Instructional Assistant Professor, Ocean Engineering Department,

Texas A&M Univeristy said:


The OMEY teaching wave flume was shipped to us fairly quickly and it was very easy to set it up. Four undergraduate students assembled the tank in 1 day, and the first class experiments were conducted in a week from the package arrival. The wave flume is a very nice addition to our teaching laboratory and it has been functioning well. We are happy with it.


Texas A&M, Maritime Systems Engineering Dept