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A range of flume modules that can be combined to create the widest variety of teaching aids to demonstrate Fluid Mechanic principles.


The equipment is portable and easily assembled in a classroom. Fully glazed, parallel walls with a cross section of 400mm x 400mm and any working length.


Flume modules available include: wave makers, wave absorbers and recirculation inlet/outlets. A simple but robust watertight joint is formed by bolted flange and solid silicone rod gasket.


The kit of parts are packed and shipped safely in crates with clear and simple instructions to assemble and commission a complete teaching tank setup. An example setup is shown here, might comprise three tank modules, two recirculation modules, a wave maker, absorber and end caps.





















Section:       400mm wide, 400mm wall height

External:      550mm wide, 1.5m high, 8.1m long (or any length)

Delivery:      670kg, in two crates, each 2.2m x 1.1m x 0.9m

Scale:          1:300 scale nominal

Wave maker: dry-back, hinged paddle, brushless servo controlled