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OMEY’s product range can be combined to create a versatile wave flume for many teaching and research purposes. While any of the modules can be combined to create a wave tank to meet your needs, OMEY offers a wave tank package that offers everything you need in a single bundle


• 5 x standard tank modules

• 2 x end cap modules

• 1 x wave maker module

• 1 x wave absorber module


OMEY keeps at least one complete wave tank package  in stock ready to ship off the shelf. If a tank package has just been delivered, it takes just 6 weeks for OMEY to replenish stock for a complete wave tank package.


Additional modules can be ordered and delivered at short notice to create longer tanks.


Tanks are available for sale, for hire or for use at our own facility.




Working Depth: 1.33m


Working Width: 2.5m


Working Length: 3-4m


Wave height: c0.2m


Wave period: >0.5s


Overall length: 12.13m


Overall width: 3.2m


Overall height: 1.76m


Power: 240v AC 13A

          208v AC 16A 3

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