The teaching flume product design uses material combinations that are optimal for durability, longevity and cost.


To create a robust, movable product, the flume modules are constructed from high grade 2mm steel, continuous welded.  Metal is coated with a high grade marine epoxy coating (Sigma400) appropriate for total emersion and versatile enough to allow damage repair on-site.


For clarity of visualisation OMEY tanks incorporates glass or synthetic windows (400mm high) for the full length of the tank, on both walls, as standard. The glass (Pilkington Optifloat) is toughened to resist abrasion for clarity of viewing and measurement (laser, photographic).




Flume modules are joined by a simple bolted flange and seal. OMEY uses pure silicone rod gripped between flange faces to form a reliable, and reusable seal. Modules can be unbolted, moved and reassembled in a matter of hours, any number of times.


SmallTank8 SmallTank6