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Tank testing can be a long and involved process. Numerous repeated test runs are required to garner meaningful insight. OMEY's tank products are designed to allow the maximum testing, at ease.


The tank runs from a single industrial computer (National Instruments CompactRIO) housed in a single panel console mounted at shoulder height. The operator simply controls the tank via easy to use software interface (Labview Run Time Engine) running on any PC connected by ethernet to the CompactRIO.


From the software interface the user can operate the wave maker module, specifying the height, period, spectrum type and other parameters, such as phase shift. The software also controls other modules, such as the wave gauge module to capture real time data.

While running, the software interface provides the user with real-time graphical presentation of data such as the amplitude of the wave maker stroke, the force feedback reading on the paddle and the force reading on the actuator drive.


To improve the pace of tank testing, the tank incorporates a highly effective  wave absorber that achieves a settle time of c.1min even for long wave periods (2.5sec).





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