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A single-design basin wall module allows us to create wave basins quickly and easily. It is low-cost, because the design and manufacturing process is repeated and refined. Versatile because it is modular and movable.




The wall module creates a wave basin that is nominally 1.2m (4') deep. This is ideal for safety and convenience allowing personnel to access and move freely in the tank, while still being deep enough to take full scale boats.


Wall modules are sized to use standard material sizes for cost effective mass production. They are easily transported, stacked and handled into place by forklift.


Wave basin wall modules are simply placed on a secure base, such as a standard concrete slab, no a solid silicone cord, then pinned into place and bolted to the adjoining wall module.


As locations where the slab is uneven a steel lip can be installed to form a straight sealing edge against which a water tight compression seal can be made.


The basin can be filled to the brim. Over spilling water is captured through the walkway grate into the integrated gutter and recycled into the tank, to avoid flooding in the area, and reduce the need for added water.