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A single-design product range to best meet most needs of teaching fluid mechanics. It is low-cost, because the design and manufacturing process is repeated and refined. Versatile because it is modular and movable.




The teaching flume dimensions are selected for the best use of standard materials, manufacturing and transport constraints, while still meeting most teaching flume needs.


The design is nominally pitched in the range of 1:300th scale with working width of 400mm, and nominal working depth of 300mm. Being modular, any tank length can be setup.




Flume modules are designed so they can be packed safely, and compactly, so they can be shipped from stock in crates. Once on site the modules can be unpacked and assembled by hand.


Detailed assembly instructions and user manuals are supplied with the teaching flume.


The wave maker requires a conventional single phase 240v AC or single phase 110v AC power supply.